Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gold's Gym in Costa Rica artistically mocks Fatties.

(click ads) As humans worldwide enter the Fat Season (Halloween—Valentine's Day), thoughts, if not actions, turn to Lean Cuisine and gym memberships. Here, in a campaign by ad agency Jotabequ in San Jose, your belts and buttons are yelling at you: "Ya es hora" (loosely: It's about time). Very nice artwork and label copy treatment; the ads will probably win many awards next year. Not sure how effective they are at motivating the sedentarily-inclined/reclined to get off their asses, but at least they don't sugarcoat the sell like many gym ads do (images via). Previous gym ads: Crunch. Crunch again. Equinox. Equinox again. David Barton. And Hernia or Orgasm?


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