Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zappos's new naked women ads: gratuitous or not?

(click ads, via Adfreak) The point of the online retailer's new campaign is to point out that they sell more than shoes. Since I've posted a shitload of naked fashion ads over the years, I felt forced to report on these. My take? They don't really bother me (other than the pedestrian idea), probably because I really, really need a vacation. Ad agency: Mullen. Previous nude model fashion ads:
Diesel (nsfw)
Lanvin (nsfw).
DSquared (nsfw).
Tom Ford (nsfw).
Joe's Jeans (nsfw).
Suit Supply (very nsfw).
David Yurman (Kate Moss's ass, nsfw).
• and of course American Apparel the Queen of gratuitous nudity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the reactions on the faces of the people in the background!


1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a third ad as as well (jogger). in the pre prods, they are all wearing bikinis. :-(


11:37 AM  

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