Friday, June 16, 2006

Taglines are DUMB, #4.

*That's Marshalls Law.*
Uh. Umm. Well, Pro: You got the company/product name in the slogan, always a good thing. Con: You're referencing military dictatorships (???). Not exactly the feel-good feeling of deep-discount shopping in a free and democratic society.

Taglines are DUMB, NYC Auto Show edition.
Taglines are DUMB, #3.
Taglines are DUMB, #2.
Taglines are DUMB, #1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...I guess it's good to know who's really in charge.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Jessie Birks said...

Taglines used to work, when companies held onto them for decades and decades... the effective ones are still being printed on the products, though hardly ever referenced in campaigns.

'The best part of waking up" and "Good til the last drop" refer to two crappy brands of pre-ground coffee that everyone in America knows and has drank.

Hopefully Marshalls has the sense not to ride that line long... and we'll never confuse military action with a sale on last season's slacks.

I think though, that the premise of taglines--heavily-repeated, semi-memorable bullshit linked to your brand--has worked in the past and could work today.

The only problem is that the client changes the tagline almost as often as they dump their name, logo and CEO... not giving the tagline enough time to set in.

Also, the ones written today are lame. "Reach Higher"... No thanks, Fuck you, Lincoln!

2:17 PM  

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