Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can you hear me drowning now?

(click image for closer look)
To promote its water-resistant cell phone, the G'zOne Type V (very possibly the worstest named product in the history of consumerism, even worse than this ad copy), Verizon (can you hear me cursing now?) has set up the above meh Point-Of-Purchase display in retail outlets. Talk to Nemo! Anyway, just from the anecdotal evidence I've compiled here in NYC of friends dropping their phones into bar toilets whilst trying to simultaneously piss and drunk-dial, I'd say this product has the potential to be a success. But they should have set it up for me to talk to Aquaman, though. I wanna know I can call for help from 20,000 leagues deep if need be. Chad's slick $6,600 cellie can't even do that.
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Blogger skepchick said...

A league is a measure of length, not depth. However, this little bit of trivia is useless when I drop my phone in the shitter, so what do I know?

8:32 PM  

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