Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Washington Post cribs from copyranter.

In Sunday's Washington Post in an article titled "Is It Time To Eighty-Six Those Ketel One Ads?," David Segal (on page 2 of the piece) borrowed one of the few sentences from my Ketel One posts that doesn't contain a fucking obscenity as an example of the "merciless ribbing" the campaign has provoked from ad blogs. To celebrate my burgeoning Media Star status, I've responded to K-One's latest magazine missive. Don't worry, that's just chocolate syrup. Unlike last time.
To recap, copyranter has now been quoted in the New York Post. Twice. Made an appearance on NYTimes.com. And been named a "worthwhile blog" by the Toronto Globe & Mail.
God, I fucking ROCK.
[Pictured: it's the Nolets, makers of Ketel One. Daddy Nolet cry-cried like a blubbering baby, and then his lackey sons also starting bawling when they were presented the first ad in the campaign, Dear Ketel One Drinker Thank You. That's so fucking...a need a word a kabillion times worse than "pathetic."]
This post is dedicated to my new BFF, "Wallace Lipschitz."
(thanks to Woody Hinkle for finding this for me!)


Blogger Chris said...

I wish I could have been there when they started crying. Three bitch slaps, all in a row.

9:17 AM  

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