Friday, December 03, 2010

Is this the stupidest ad stunt ever?

(click ad, via) It's up there (heh). Today, Down Under, a pack of Wagon Wheels, the snack food, was launched into space (not quite). WHY, you ask? WHY do you ask? It's the wAcKy WorLd of advertising, that's why. I hope it hit one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Australia is in flames as I type this. Video of the launch below. Ad agency: Y&R, Sydney.
So is it the stupidest ad stunt ever? It's got A LOT of competition: Samsung's space planes • offensive fat clinic stunt • Betfair's Birdvertising • German publisher's Flyvertising • ADT breaks into your home • Swiss insurance company's fake car damage stickers • cell phone company exploits Mumbai floods • World Water Day mailer wasted water • Treehuggers made of cardboard • The Ricola Mystery Cougher • KIA's mini beach plane • And The Economist mechanical bull.


Anonymous Martin Ballantine said...

Were they ever 'in' space before? WTF/etc. Could have been bettered by an old boss of mine at a PR agency asking an exec to phone NASA and ask if they'd take Tefal (client) cooking pots on the Space Shuttle. Something about being able to say space age technology. That's right, genius. Said colleague rightly lied she'd made the call and got knocked back, then was promptly forced to make the call for real as boss stood over her. In near tears, colleague actually makes it through to a NASA bigwig (or someone i/c Dept. Of Twattish Requests From UK PR Agencies) and is politely told to pi** off. Boss walks off in huff, colleague scarred by experience. Fu**wits truly walk the marketing earth.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Owen said...

The 'numpty' agency team appear in the background obviosuly. The two on the left are the nutty designers, the guy in the tie is the account executive and the creative is the wacky lady in specs straight out of art school! It's too literal but actually amusingly funny!

11:09 AM  

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