Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(click ad, via) Tits sell things. Lots of things. Anything. Everything. Highlighters (nsfw). Hamburgers. Sausage. Aperitifs. Muffins. Mushrooms. Ovens. Magazines. Cars. Car insurance. Independent front suspension. Graphic arts biennials (nsfw). A pool hall. And of course WonderBras. Even ad agencies themselves. And now, via Montreal: Dr Tint's tinted windows. "Feel Like A Star."

"...there aren't enough bosses' daughters to go around."

(click ad, from 1959, via) And marrying a typing pool hottie will get you nowhere. Not to worry! At ICS, you can choose from everything from "Cotton Warping and Weaving" to "Good English." Oh look! "Advertising." Previously in future moneymaking opportunities from the past: one, two.

It's like taking a self-pic with your hand up your mini-me's ass.

(click ads, via) Ads via Bangkok ad agency Cheil for the Samsung dual LCD PL100. It has a second small preview screen on the front of it for easier, more concise self-photography. Thank you again, Thailand: world headquarters for the creepiest the crawliest the craziest advertising.

The most metaphorical condom ad ever.

(click ad, via ) But I'm not sure, exactly, what is meant by this inside-the-rubber scenario. The anarchist is a sperm, that much is clear. I guess the riot police represent spermicide (The ad is tagged "Espermicida"). So, Sid Spermatozoon Vicious is a dead man. But the ad was sent out by the agency tagged: "Today Condoms. Long Action." So, is this a climax delay prophylactic ad (here's a previous cute one)? One thing's for sure: South America consistently produces the most fucked up condom ads in the world. Ad by McCann Erickson in Bogota.

In Belgium, women eat giant squids (oops, octopi) raw, whole.

(click ad twice) Ad from a new print campaign for Belgian women's magazine Feeling. As you can see, this is the "gastronomie" execution. For the octopus's sake, I hope that is Photoshopped. From the agency press note:
" The creative idea is a simple one in that we amplified each aspect of pleasure to emphasize and reinforce the message. The execution is very gloves off." Shut-up, Buzz Buzzword. Previous Marketing to Women.

Blasphemous advertising blast from the past.

(click ad, via) Via Russia, from 2004, before I started this blog, it's an ad for Henkel's Makrofix super adhesive. Loose headline translation: "Iron nails are past now." It won some award at Cannes that year. Moscow Messiah Cat does not approve. Here's four ads—ranging from funny to disgusting—for Pattex glue, another Henkel product. Students, don't put glue ads in your portfolios. The jokes are too easy. And you'll never get to work on a glue account.

A date with Brad. Rosemary sunflower risotto. Six-pack abs. And an ultra thin menstrual pad demonstration.

I don't have monthly vaginal bleeding, so I'll abstain from completely blasting these web "films" for Stayfree via BBDO Toronto. There's also dates with Trevor—a doctor obsessed with cleaning, and Ryan—who builds toys for under-privileged kids. They also find excuses to remove their shirts (sigh). I'll say this: the segues to the product discussions could have been smoother, more creative. What do you think, females? Visit this post for a round-up of "care down there" ads.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bagvertising of the Day: GNC.

(click image, via) Via DDB Manila, these waist-slimming cinch bags were given out with the purchase of a bottle of GNC Burn 60 tablets, one of the new glut of bullshit fat-burning products that promises to increase your calorie burning, post-workout, by 60%. Obvious ad-award seeking novelty idea. It kinda looks like a severed torso. Previously in: creative Bagvertising.

Apartheid bench humor used to sell bronzer in South Africa.

(click image, via) Bench copy translation: NON-WHITES. Have a seat Nelson Mandela! Just a little ribald racist ambient advertising for Tropitone sunless bronzer via Johannesburg ad agency morrisjones. From the agency press note:
"In order to stand out in a new era, we tactically spray-painted benches in public areas with the words "Nie Blankes" (Non-Whites)—a symbol typical to that of the old South Africa. Being such a strong symbol, it not only grabbed the attention of passers-by, but made a very strong impact. With the product logo spray-painted onto the concrete at the bottom of the bench, it is very evident that thanks to the efficacy of the product, you will no longer have white skin."
(Searches mind for thoughts to help mitigate the idiocy of this idea. Finds none.)
Previously in: Racist Ads.
Previously in: Retro Racist Ads.

The "I JUST TOOK A HUGE SH*T!" Fletcher's Castoria children's laxative 1950s ad series.

(click ads, via) I posted the boy version previously. Those are some majorly ecstatic poop faces; a week's worth of baloney and cheese sandwiches turbo-blasted into their subdivision tract house toilet bowl. Thanks, Mom. Previously in: hilarious vintage laxative ads.

Next stop on the Invasive 3-D Billboard World Tour: Russia.

(click image, via) It's for Paparazzi, an Italian restaurant in Ekaterinburg. Makes me hungry for pasta, so I guess it works. Previous 3-D billboards: Mini Cooper • Tongue stuck to chilled Mars barKill Bill board soaks Auckland street with blood • Eliot Spitzer shtupped in the ass by Kenneth Cole • And Hung billboard features bulging package.

F*cking the gardener humor for Tide.

(click ad, via) Yet another instance of "Ad That Will Never Ever Run In the United States." (Here's two previous examples: Tampax; Stihl.) First, because it's too subtle. And secondly, because Amuricans would flood P&G's headquarters/in box with hate mail. It does memorably separate Tide from other laundry detergents, though. By the Madrid office of Leo Burnett. Previously: Erectile Dysfunction humor used to sell fabric softener.

Euthanasia humor via Time Out Magazine.

(via) New spot by Denmark ad agency Propaganda. Not really that funny, except that it ironically serves as a metaphor for the entire dying magazine industry and the UK-based Time Out Group in particular—which has been rumored to be on life support for a couple of years now. Related: my rejected poster advertising Time Out New York's 10th anniversary referencing Roman Polanski.

On Bangkok Cock Ring Advertising.

(Click ads. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time I've addressed CockRingVertising.)
This campaign by McCann Thailand for the Fowin "sexual efficiency" erectile dysfunction penis ring is a few months old, but it deserves a professional copywriter's measured analysis. If you're unfamiliar with how a cock ring works, here's Wikipedia's take (nsfw).
"Get Her Back" is the headline on these ads featuring oversized, anthropomorphised, sweating, hiding fruits & vegetables. Apparently, hubby's limp cucumber has forced wifey to raid the fridge behind his back for some vedge vadge action. So he needs to pick up a Fowin so he can become the Cock Lord of the Ring. From the Fowin site, here's some badly translated copy plus a sizing chart for the one ring that rules the bedroom (OK, I'll stop with LOTR puns).
Oh, Analysis? Stupid.
Related: Texas sex shop video: Stop Vegetable Abuse.
Related: copyranter creates an erectile dysfunction banner ad.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Link Haze, 8/27/10.

Ha (nsfw).
• Saturn is sexy.
• Merry Christmas from QVC.
• Ants eat McDonald's. Ants die.
• NYC subway pics from the 70s.
• Old Soviet anti-alcohol posters.
• bp banner ad contradicted by bp story.
• The Beatles make a Marlboro commercial.
• NYC real estate ad hyperbole of the week: "retooled."

Also, make him get a goddamn man's haircut.

(click ad, from a 1974 Woman's Day, via) Jesus, sweetheart. That pussy's hair is purtier than yours. Throw out his Vidal Sassoon conditioner, send him to the local cheap barber to get a flat-top, and make him change the oil in your VW Thing. When he's done, punch him in the face as hard as you can. While he's in the bathroom staunching the blood, liberally apply some Emaraude. The fuck of your life will commence shortly. Previously in: Sexy 70s Sexism.

Jack Gulliver Black shills for Orange.

New pre-movie spot for UK mobile network Orange that debuts today in English cinemas. Turn off your cell phone, you Brobdingnagian idiot! Swift's classic to be re-shitted by Hollywood worldwide in December. Spot by Fallon London.
Previous bad movie promos: The Last ExorcismSaw III.
Previous good movie promos: bloody Kill Bill billboardAlien vs. PredatorKnocked UpAmerican Psycho.

Jizz Bag.

(click image, via) I'm not exactly sure how these branded sploogy bags are used by this sperm clinic. Do the men walk out with their paper work in them? Do the women walk out with their samples in them? Does the clinic have a gift shop? Are they, in fact, sample catchers? These are questions for a late August Friday morning. Also: how 'bout Drip In Centre? Previous racy branded bags: Tom of Finland bulging cock bag • eco shopping bag features vagina bush through the decades.

(nsfw) nipple pimples & chesticle cheeks.

(via) Previously, we've seen condom ads with digitally painted erect penises (seriously nsfw). And anti-gas pill ass artwork (nsfw). And models with fake painted-on clothing (kinda nsfw) in ads selling ultra thin panty liners. But these executions, for the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore. feature real body paint. It's a clever way to illustrate the message that women should refocus their bodily obsessions. But, racy flippant humor is maybe not the right tone to use for such a serious topic. Though, it is a popular method (nsfw). Campaign by DDB Singapore.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jerry Brown hits Meg Whitman with an eBay parody ad.

(click ad) Zing, Moonbeam! Democrat Brown rather creatively attacks his Republican opponent in the race for Governor of California with this banner ad captured today off of the New York Times website. You need some art direction help Jerry, but the idea's there. Billionaire Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, is outspending Brown by more than 100 to 1 in the race. Hopefully, Brown got himself a discount rate from the Times. Thanks to Jigar Shah for the tip/ad. Previously in: noteworthy political advertising.

In the 50s, people brewed Sanka in humongous light bulbs.

(click ad, from 1953, via) Just. Strange. By the way, "caffein" was an acceptable spelling back then. And "tasteless caffein adds nothing to coffee's goodness" was a bald-faced lie. Also, our gentlemen hero is not going to be sleeping all night, he's going to be pissing all night. Previous retro Sanka ad: 1940: fat lazy sleazy siesta-less Mexican man convinced to switch to Sanka.

Today's ad headline that is invited to fellate my penis.

(click ad, scanned from today's Wall Street Journal) Previous awful ad headlines that were invited to fellate copyranter's penis: Droid. Verizon. Trident. Starbucks. Svedka. Equinox. Heineken. And of course Kenneth Cole, again and again and again.

Hey Justin Bieber's hair: blow (dry) me.

Yes, that was me back then. Why am I embarrassing myself? Because I've just gotten sick and fucking tired of all the mania over the Ontarian's unoriginal derivative bangs (and songs). Even criminals are copying him. You should have seen me the day before this yearbook portrait was snapped: my look was bass player for Uriah Heep. If you don't know who Uriah Heep is (was): fuck you. Yes, that is in fact a powder blue leisure suit. Thanks to copyranter commenter 1-track-mind for the inspiration. Previous copyranter pics: front. back.

Coke introduces new screw-top bottles in Egypt with homo-erotic humor.

(via) First of all, congratulations Egyptians on finally getting the convenience of soda bottles with twist-off caps. And secondly, homo-erotic humor on TV in morally repressed Egypt! Brave of the ad agency, Cairo's Fortune Promoseven, since the country has a de facto ban on homosexuality. Previously in Egyptian Ad Watch: The strangest laxative ad ever (with Moses reference) • First-aid cream ads feature moms cooking their babies.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old People. Wore ugly fashions. Still f*ck.

(click ads, via) Use-a-condom ads targeting the Olds (including me) via the UK's Family Planning Association. The last lines of copy: "So if you want to enjoy a few more perfect summers of love, remember - condoms rock. Use them!" A few more perfect summers? Hey, thanks for depressing the FUCK out of me. Literally. And yes, I remember wearing scary-ugly clothes. (I had a powder blue leisure suit. I'm wearing it in my high school yearbook pic.) More depression. Urge to fuck, ebbing, ebbing, gone. Congratulations, your ads worked. Oh so cute retro art-directed campaign by London ad agency tea. Previously in: noteworthy safe sex ads.

In Russia, "The Last Exorcism" promoted with orgasming women.

Because, say it with me loyal copyranter readers: In new Russia, (nsfw) EVERYTHING SEX! (sigh) Anyway, you've probably seen the viral marketing hatched by Lionsgate on chatroulette to scare up interest for their horror film, opening Friday. Well, the movie debuts September 9th in Russia according to adme.ru, and local distribution company Volga Film went a different orgasmic-er promo route. I command you, out of her body, pleasurable little earthquakes! Previously in: the female orgasm.

"The laxative of beautiful women."

(click ad, from 1936, via) Well Shit. What were the fugly broads of yesteryear who lacked "regular habits of elimination" supposed to do? Sit and strain in vain? Previous hilarious vintage laxative ads: 1936No Poop, No Peen! 1901Constipated? Use a war surplus cannonball! 1950Mom, I just took a HUGE shit!

Hey UPS? Your Indonesian ad agency stole an idea.

(click images) (L) To promote United Parcel Service's express delivery, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta says they built and placed these "striking" installations in high pedestrian traffic areas around the city. Pretty cool looking. (R) "Pedestrian" (wood and paint, 2007) by Brooklyn-based sculptor Ryan Johnson (found here, scroll down). Jury of me says: guilty. Thanks to an anon AOTW commenter for the tip. Ad agencies don't just steal from artists. They also usurp copyrighted pop culture images. And use celebrities without permission. And of course, they steal from each other all the time.

Agent Provocateur: Betty Sue's gettin' down tonight.

As part of their new Fall/Winter "Private Tapes" promo campaign, the UK lingerie retailer presents this bit of naughty video voyeurism. Nice music. But Betty Sue's clunky sell line really kills the vibe. Scottish model Kirsty Hume plays the part of masturbating Betty Sue. The identity of the badly dancing ass-slapping thumb-sucking, black bunny ear sportin' tighty-whitey wearin' man-slave is unknown. And frankly, who gives a shit about the tool?
Previously lingerie/sex shop promo videos
Lion Sex.
• German lingerie sold with graphic violence.
• (nsfw) anon woman doing chores in lingerie.
• (kinda nsfw) Fortnight lingerie presents: Sexy CPR.
• Victoria's Secret models open mouths, soften cocks.
• Coco de Mer presents the best erotic promo video ever.
• (nsfw) Dutch Lingerie maker slips nip-slips by YouTube.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Australian men get tips on sheds, women, and prostate cancer.

(click ad, via) The long copy print ad—as good as dead in this fucking Tweeting culture of ours. (Here's a brilliant recent example via South Africa. Here's another via the UK.) While this one for The Cancer Council of Western Australia isn't quite brilliant, it is at least ambitious. And you'll smile once or twice. And maybe learn a thing or two. It's ultimate goal is to promote a prostate cancer call-in evening next month. Nice idea. Certainly better than this awful US TV spot. I just think the copy should have been pushed more to be a tad quirkier, a smidgen funnier. By Perth ad agency marketforce.

Killer Chef From Under The Sea.

(click ads, via) "our chef's recommendations." Our badly Photoshopped idiot chef! A chef that's about to have his eyes gouged out by that king crab. And what is he going to do with that ladle? Bang the lobster over the head? I wonder if that really is the Malaysian restaurant's chef. My guess: Yes! Ad agency: Verso Creative. Add these to the previous dumbest ads I've ever seen.

The Daily Telegraph: "the man's paper that women read."

(click ad, from 1959, via) "Sometimes gay, sometimes serious, the women's page provides a happy release, whatever the rest of the news may be." Or—you can just look at the pictures, ladies. Previous retro sexist ads: Anacin. Morton's salt. VW Beetle. American Airlines. Tab. IBM. Schlitz. Tiparillo. Heinz. Listerine.

"Every minute, diarrhea kills three more children."

The ever-growing Diarrhea Song has a new verse. New spot for WaterAid by London ad agency Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw. I'm snarkless and rantless, for a brief moment. Previous WaterAid video: Man drinking water with his own (fake) shit in it. Previous heartbreaking PSA video: Association France Alzheimer.

"Operate your own Glide-O-Bike airport"

(click ad, via) It's your copyranter ridiculous Buygone™ product of the week. Lemonade stands were for pussies. Read every word of the copy on this 1931 advert, including the testimonials from the probably soon to be seriously injured boys. "I never spent a quarter better I can tell you"—Robert Holt, Los Angeles. For your 25¢, in addition to the "easy plans," you also received "instructions on how to build and run your own airport and a long list of air terms you'll want to know." Dig that whooshing red type. Previously in: What Could Go Wrong? products of the past.

Not cold medications containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine?

(click image to read) Bananas! Not Cheetos or cigarettes or mayonnaise or Wonder bread or Ritz crackers or motor oil or shotgun shells or American flags or diapers or wifebeaters or tube socks or Wrangler jeans or hair dye or Hefty trash bags or TruckNutz® or Tater Tots®? Huh. Scanned from the latest Bloomberg Businessweek. For your information, I am the son of bona fide coal burnin' squirrel-eatin' outhouse shittin' Appalachian Trail hillbillies. Yes, I've eaten squirrel (not recommended) and shit in several different outhouses. Previously: Walmart tells Argentinian kids don't be perverts.

Monday, August 23, 2010

China Ad Watch: World Wildlife Fund.

(click ads, via) Geezer teens don't do the Dew! Goldfish eat dandruff! Viagra creates ICBM sperm! VW GTI drivers piss their jeans! Laundry detergent vs. Ninja death star blood burgers! Air freshener vs. fart bubble pants! Time for another installment of China Ad Watch—where I watch advertising from China—with a wary Western eye!
Here. we have ads for the WWF by the Shanghai office of Dentsu. Or: secret recruitment ads for the Triad. The copy translates very roughly: "we live in peace, then we can live forever." The visuals convey, I think, "hurt animals and we hurt ourselves." Relatively speaking, pretty clear messaging, People's Republic!
Click here to see previous WWF ads.
Opening paragraph style shamelessly stolen from Hamilton Nolan's Fitness Watch.

The tension in this Arrow shirt ad is palpable.

(click ad, via) Visual portion of a 1954 ad for a particularly ghastly Arrow shirt. Before we begin the anthropological analysis, let's enter that yellow thing into this vintage men's fashion Ugly-Off.
OK. What exactly is going here in this—what looks like—Mexican tourist gift shop? Is the lady buying the hideous hat openly flirting with Arrow Man in front of her husband? Or is Mr. Blue Shirt the Arrow man's impatient lover? Arrow Man has his sperm-speckled shirt tucked into his swim trunks—something a style-conscious gay man would never do. Is he covering his burgeoning erection with that blue bull? Maybe Arrow man is a British secret agent being tailed by a Russian mole (Blue Shirt)? The man in the blue shirt is very short.
: Members Only (shudder) jacket ad.

Have you hugged HIV bear today?

Well then that's OK! Because you can't contract the HIV virus by hugging. Now, if Huggy Bear had turned into Humpy Bear, well then, that would have been scary. Also, why is HIV represented by a lumpy-headed tattoo-faced man with big hoop earrings? Video, by Zeitsprung Commercial in Germany, has been on YouTube (low # of views) for almost a year, but just got circulated to the ad blogs this week. It is stupid. More stupid than people wearing condoms on their tongues? Maybe.
Previous noteworthy HIV awareness ads
: H-I-Very racing ad via Italy (nsfw) • Hair of the Infected Dog (nsfw) • MTV uses old-timey porn (nsfw) to promote condom usage • His 12 hands were all over me • Louis has used 14,123 condoms in his life!

Sexism Awareness T-Shirt of the Day.

(click image) From a series of anti-prejudice shirts (see the other three less interesting designs here) being sold around Colorado University this summer to benefit the CU Independent, the university's online student paper. Copy would be very hard to read if she had some big fake melony double-Ds. By TDA Advertising in Boulder.
Previously in: Sexism.

The lesson ladies? 5" heels and stairs don't mix.

That's not the least bit funny, copyranter, you douche bag. This surrealistic, brutal domestic violence awareness video is for BFF (Bundesverband Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe), a German non-profit women's counseling and rape crisis organization. Copy: "Thousands of women are falling down the stairs every day. Do you really believe that?"
Never an easy subject to address in a PSA. It's better than most of the efforts I've seen in recent years. Two of the ladies are stunt women Milka Kekic & Anqi Nimbach. Couldn't find the song on Google. By the Frankfurt office of Y&R. Previous stops of the Worldwide Domestic Violence Video Tour: LondonThe UK (watch Keira Knightley get the shit kicked out of her) • South AfricaTurkey.

In New Russia, Everything PENIS!

(click image) Actually, this outdoor banner for Largo tomato juice hangs in Estonia, according to adme.ru. Anybody speak Estonian? I think the headline translates to something like "Good Potency." I did not know tomatoes promoted pecker performance. Add it to the lengthening crop of recent sexxxy ads (some nsfw) from Russia and former Soviet states advertising everything from sausage to car insurance.
Previously in: Ad Phallicism.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'll be back Monday, August 23rd.

Taking my first week off of the year. We're going somewhere where they (update: "there") are fewer than 8 fucking million people. I won't be blogging or tweeting.
Thanks for reading.

Link Haze, 8/13/10.

• Pope Hatzi.
• HAIR-GASM 2010!
• a stoner's best friend.
• Fuck you, John Boehner.
• can't vouch for the accuracy, but wow.
What the fuck is my social media strategy?
• 1982 bp commercial: "your quiet achiever."

Corpse Boy likes tasteless Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

(click ad from a 1915 Good Housekeeping, via)
That's because Corpse Boy can't taste anything. He's a "live wire?" No, he isn't. He's Corpse Boy, reanimated by his evil scientist father after he was run over by a milk truck. No matter how thoroughly mommy bathes him, Corpse Boy doesn't smell very good. Corpse Boy occasionally leaks blood out of his various head orifices, especially his eyes. The other children laugh when this happens. Corpse Boy laughs, too. Corpse boy's left leg is not his original left leg. Corpse Boy is the official ad boy of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. That's because Corpse Boy is the only boy who didn't make a face while eating during auditions.
Previous creepy vintage cereal ads:
Trix are for (severely depressed five-year-old) kids!
Anthropomorphised box of Grape-Nuts removes corpse from bed.

Baby punched in the face by Photoshop.

(click ad twice, via) Babies and titties. The 2nd and 1st thought of lazy-ass ideating ad creatives the world over. Babies have been used to sell everything from NYC real estate to Finnish banks to Cellophane. This is an ad for "tuned-in" French culture magazine Chronic'Art. (Here's some of their previous edgy ads.) He looks like a little Gallagher brother. Previously: Photoshopped drunk babies help sell chocolates infused with whiskey.

In new Russia, giraffe milk is made of Skittles.

(via) Translation: "Drain the rainbow. Taste the rainbow." Russian Skittles spot from late last year that hasn't gotten much exposure over here. Nice to see the Moscow office of SapientNitro hatch an execution that's up to snuff with TBWA\Chiat\Day's insane TV work for the Mars brand (see "let's go Tube Sock, HIT ME!"). Related: creepy Burger King hits Russian steam bath with topless babes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stop your burgeoning little cross-dressing queen in his tracks: send him to karate class.

(click ads twice, via) Yeah, Pops. Nip that gaiety in the ass, and get junior kicking some ass and karate-chopping some wood, all while listening to Eye of the motherfucking Tiger. That'll knock those show tunes out of his head and some sense into him. Other tips: Make him change the oil in your pickup, naked. And take him deer hunting, naked. Better yet, queer hunting. You and your drinking buds can go to a local Miami gay bar and show him how to pound the dust out of some fairies, who hopefully haven't taken martial arts classes at Key Biscayne's RDCA. Campaign by Miami ad agency Zubi, who also produced these funny frame shop ads. Previously in: gay bashing ads. Update: On the karate's studio's Facebook page, the "Sensei" says he didn't approve these ads.

Tories try to cover ass by tearing down Labour's legacy.

Another brick in the spending cut wall. In an attempt by Prime Minister David Cameron to rebrand his cuts as Labour's cuts, he and and the Conservative Party have released this new amusingly over-dramatic, cheaply-produced web video, spoken sarcastically from the Labour POV. "We leave no apology, no regret, no comfort, and not an ounce of contrition...This is our legacy to you." Tory Tory Tory! Obama, baby, hire these guys to do your much-needed Bush-smearing vid. Previously: Tories repeatedly poster-punch Gordon Brown's smug mug.

(kinda NSFW) Your gluteal tuba concerts entertain no one.

(click ads, via) Nor do your trouser trumpet solos. Nor your tuckus trombone improvisations. Recently, we were traumatized by digitally-painted eagle erections and bull balls (nsfw) selling condoms. Here, via McCann India, Gas-Aid—a fine product of Shukhrut pharmaceuticals—employs shitter-focused digital artwork to inform you Gaseous Clays that your syncopated butt percussion, no matter how aurally pleasing, is not olfactorily pleasing.
Previously in FartVertising
: • Ford uses mini-cow farts to sell eco car • farting pelican sells spicy sardines • farting tuna sells tuna + beans dish • farting bathtub man sells gas drug • visualized farts sell Chinese air freshener • farting Marilyn Monroe impersonator sells anti-gas drug • beano ad proves women fartRelated: excellent beano jingle that I wrote.